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Fully Licenced Restaurant

420 Ringwood-Warrandyte Rd Warrandyte South 

Phone: (03)9844 3013                         

Fax: (03)9844 3623
 P.O.Box 224 Warrandyte Vic 3113


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ABN : 57 338 173 213  

  License No: 322 01 709
Our Name is in the Melway Street Directory - Map35 J3

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Wedding Garden including the Path of Wishes

Our Beautiful Wedding Garden  is available for your Special Day.

Alfred's Homestead Rustic Setting

      [image]     [image]   

Above before the New Wedding Garden     and  on the right  looking down from the bridge

     Special Features :

    -set in 9.2 acres amidst beautiful Australian bush.

    -large yet intimate restaurant seating 300
    -you can ask for a window seat and we have

       60metres of windows -  there is a good chance
        you will get a window seat.

    -perfect for the special family celebration.

    -a smorgasbord restaurant that works by bookings.

     The smorgasbord is prepared for the number booked on the day.

     Try and arrive at the start so you can see the wonderful job

     our chef does in decorating all the cold buffet items and the sweets.

      Items are riplenished but when there is a small sitting the items

      on display do look best at the start.

     Keep in mind that we prepare food items that are best

     for a smorgasbord - that is,they need to

     maintain their freshness and taste for the sitting.

    -if you need to take some photos to remember a special occasion then

    you will love our beautiful garden area in front of the Restaurant with

    at least 12 feature spots for great photos.

    -the Beautiful  Wedding Garden with Gazebo is very Romantic 

      for the Outside Wedding.

    -the Huge open fireplace is a unique setting for an inside wedding.

    -we have also a sit down menu for the more formal event.

     our Sit down menu was well received for over 23 years at our reception centre

    in blackburn called Karinya.We sold Karinya in 2002.

   - we are fully Licensed but since we cater for the function which is up

   to 5 hours our prices allow you more value for money for drinks and food.


  -we cater for the whole family - a great place for children- Sunday Lunch is great for those

  special birhtdays,anniversaries and christenings.

  We allow you to bring in that special cake and the girls

  will cut it up for you and serve at no extra cost - we even provide Sparklers

  for you so they can be marched in all lit up when the special occasion is announced.

  we provide service in that we allow

  Pay-as-you-go for drinks and

  Splitting of the Bill for food and we don't charge for children under 4 years and

  we do have a large number of High Chairs. We also allow extra room for Prams - let us know

  when you book.

 Sunday lunch we have the Kids Menu which the grown ups also enjoy.

  - we allow for that quick meal when required by a family with lots of young children.



Our Smorgasbord features HOMEMADE Sweets

Smorgasbord Menu    

    Alfred's Homestead is a Smorgasbord Restaurant in the main but we
    do have a   Formal Sit Down Menu  as well.


Angelo is a Pavarotti look-a-like and impersonator.


Angelo - from Halloween Night --Music of the night.

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Angelo - from Halloween Night --Music of the night.

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